Reinette Senum for CA Governor

Reinette Senum for California Governor

Campaign Trail Field Notes #1

Here’s the latest from the campaign trail…. We are preparing to ramp up our campaign to a whole new level. We are in the ring with some of the biggest political players on the planet and we know we are getting under their skin. So now is the time we go full throttle.

Ballots for California’s primary election go out in just over two months and most Californians still have no clue we have another opportunity to start the process in unseating Governor Newsom, and bringing an end to our and our children’s misery. Be very clear, while mask mandates are being lifted this is simply because there is an upcoming mid-term election and Newsom is hoping that if we believe we are “going back to normal” we will forget all the suffering we have been through for the last two years and vote him in again for another 4 years.

From what we are experiencing on the ground, this will not be the case. Californians are not only done with the mandates and threats towards our bodily autonomy, we are also done with the crime, homelessness, and a destructive educational system.
We didn’t know how Californians, particularly those who have had a history of supporting Newsom, we’re going to respond to our campaign, but we have been more than delighted. ALL sides of the political spectrum are resonating with this campaign! Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Libertarians, it doesn’t matter. People can sense this is not a typical campaign, serving people over party.

Just last night, I was speaking at a meeting of 150 people and at the end of my half-hour talk I received a beautiful and rousing standing ovation. The crowd jumped out of their seats.
When speaking, it is not uncommon for me to look out into the crowd and see people crying tears: Time and time again, these folks are coming up to me starting this campaign and all that it stands for are the first rays of hope they have had in a long time.
It is our intention to go beyond hope, however. We want real and lasting change, and for generations to come.
Californians were not ready for this campaign two, three, or five years ago. But after the systematic destruction of our beautiful state, our lives, and communities, Californians truly understand the need for a campaign, and economy, that focuses on healing and restoration — and the return of the rule of law — so Californians can feel stable and free once again, and our children’s children guaranteed a future.
We can do this, but we can’t do this without you….. we know many of you have been watching this campaign to see how we do, and we can clearly say that we are on to something. We know this is going to be BIG! Now, we need your financial commitment to get us through the next round of public outreach. Simply to reach the voters by mail, text, or phone calls in a state as large as California will cost millions of dollars. There is no way around this.
This is the next stage we are at. So, we are asking you to please donate so we can get our phone bank/texting system in place, and yard signs ordered.
Donate. Donate like our lives and well-being depend upon it, and the future of our children’s children…. because they do.
With that, I will simply leave it with good news; we are seeing a Great Awakening on the campaign trail. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and all we need is to simply keep the momentum going to make it to the other side.

Please share with everyone you know about this campaign, and give what you can!