The Reinette Senum for CA Governor team was in full force last week in Los Angeles, CA. The energy at the Defeat the Mandates rally at Grand Park, Los Angeles, last Sunday was electric as thousands of unified front-line workers, parents, and leaders gathered. People from all walks of life joined together to stand for medical choice.  For me and my team, it was another opportunity to support the frontline workers who have been forced out of beloved careers because of a personal medical decision they should have had the unfettered right to make — without retribution. Seeing many of these brave souls again, whom we originally met at the January Defeat the Mandate rally in Washington in DC, reminded us why we remain vigilant and bump up our game every chance we get.

Walking alongside California’s bravest firefighters, nurses, and law enforcement, hearing their speeches and feeling the camaraderie, was powerful, but it should never have had to happen in the first place. As governor, I will work to restore the rule of law and make sure that all workers in our great state get the respect they deserve.  No one should ever have to be coerced or forced into making a medical choice in order to keep their job.

Watching Californians unite at Defeat the Mandates LA, highlighted the disconnect between California’s current administration and what Californians really need as they struggle to make ends meet. It’s also understandable why many Californians have not had the time or bandwidth to actively engage in politics and prevent the passing of bad laws and policies. This seems nothing short of but by design.

When elected Governor, I can and will change all that. I simply won’t let bad bills pass over my desk with my approval. But in order to do this, I have to make it through the upcoming June 7th Primary election. We now have a very short runway to accomplish this, and this is where you come in. Ballots go out in 3 weeks. We have a huge publicity campaign that we are launching that includes a multitude of platforms and brilliant minds who understand what is at stake.

Will you donate to the cause? From social media to news outlets, to talk shows, and influencers, you will begin to see Reinette Senum become a household name. To what extent? That is up to you!

We have another $15,000 we need to raise in the next week for this publicity campaign. This is not much for a gubernatorial race, and we can do this because we know how to run an impressively tight ship, but we still have to do it nonetheless.

If each one of you who is receiving this email simply donates $20 this week, we can get there! And watch The Show! It’s going to be an extraordinary few weeks!

Please donate, and share this inspiring campaign that is actually solution-based!