Reinette Senum for CA Governor

Reinette Senum for California Governor


 On Wed, July 8th, 2020, after being elected for a third term as city council member and on the day she was to take her third oath of office, Reinette Senum, resigned.

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It did garner a lot of conversation, to say the least. 

And of course. 

One such topic that has recently been raised is around the the mask mandate by the governor. 

And while I did originally support the the original state home orders in March, the governor has now lost my support. 

And in addition to that, I want to make it clear that why I did approve the City Council approval last week of the Governor mask mandate. 

With the emphasis on honoring those exemptions in the guidelines. 

And encouraging those who. 

Struggle with masks to wear plastic face shield if they need to. 

I have received many complaints from the public that businesses, owners, employees, the public are not honoring these exemptions and are are targeting and even shaming and already what I would call traumatized public as well as local mom and pop businesses who don’t follow the guidelines. 

So because of this and because of the overwhelming data, I can’t support the mouse mandate or any continued lockdown or the threat of returning to stage one or two. 

The economic and physiological, psychological emotional damage we’re enduring completely outweighs any of the benefits that we’re seeing, and also because of this, and since my recent Facebook posts regarding the overreach of the governor, I find it imperative that I do continue to make a stand and so, interestingly enough. 

Last Sunday on July 5th I received a letter via our League of Cities Rep from the governor. 

Stating that our city and county did not comply with these directives, we will face dire consequences jeopardizing our eligibility for state funding. 

And I’m I’m deeply disturbed that our governor continues to hold us all over a barrel. 

I find it appalling that the hundreds of individuals who have reached out to me citizens and business owners who are in crisis are regularly ignored by their elected officials. 

Individuals who are losing their businesses, their homes, their jobs, their savings, the life as they know it. 

None of this is being considered. 

And how can we ignore women? 

For instance, who have been muffled and raped, and they’re now being. 

Re traumatized from having to wear a mask, how can we not consider the repercussions of sending our children to a type of prison, like setting when returning to school? 

How can we not consider the loss of customers due to those who do not or want to wear a mask when entering a business? 

What has happened to our compassion or empathy, and most importantly to our inquiry? 

It must be stated that our county and elected officials and heads of county departments can expect a massive legal backlash because of all of this.

And to wrap this up, Swedish professor, professor, and Doctor Leonard Hardell, who wrote a letter on my behalf to the City Council, actually regarding the impacts of radio frequencies on our bioelectric beings. 

This is last October. 

Doctor Hardell is famous for his research and convincing the World Health Organization that Agent Orange is a cancer causing agent and those who use it should be charged with crimes against humanity. 

Interestingly, in the World Court there was one question and one question only that determined whether or not the decision maker was guilty and this question was. 

What did you know by when? 

What did you know by when this is the standard myself, community members, legal teams, and citizens around the world will be holding us to. 

And when it comes to our actions around COVID, we will need to face the very same question. 

What did we know by when? 

And while I was voted in by majority last February, I will kindly decline my position on the Council for the 2024 term .

And while I’m not stepping down, I’m actually, interestingly enough, stepping up. 

I feel like would be a best service to humanity by focusing my energy on extending my reach to a broader audience to individuals who are equally concerned by these same issues and questions. 

Around the world.