ALAMEDA COUNTY – The primaries are here. The race is heated with more than two dozen candidates looking to unseat its current governor. This timing coincides with the re-activation of the mask mandate in the county. Alongside the governors race are local county elections where its 18-year Sheriff is facing solid opposition. The question remains to be seen as to whether Alameda County will vote to keep its current management.

As California experiences a gap of income inequality and cost of living climbs, two-time mayor Reinette Senum, is an advocate for addressing these problems head on. She has created a thorough plan for California when she becomes governor. A rare and industrious move on her part as a candidate. She is a vocal representative for food security as a solution and healthy family units to combat troubling conditions in California.

With her business background and outsider status, Jenny Rae Le Roux is positioning herself as a candidate who can bring much-needed change to California. Jenny Rae Le Roux is a businesswoman and rancher from Shasta County. Le Roux has promised to cut taxes, reduce regulation, and make California more friendly to businesses. She has previously formally opposed Newsom in the 2018 recall. Only time will tell if she can translate her support into votes, but one thing is certain: the race for governor is shaping up to be one of the most competitive in recent memory.

California State Senator Brian Dahle is also on the ballot. Dahle represents a largely rural constituency in California’s northeastern corner. He is a career politician who also runs his own seed company. Predictably, he is a champion for agriculture and rural issues and will surely be making these his core priorities if he is elected into office.

All Alameda County residents are eligible to vote. All county residents were mailed a ballot. The ballot can be used to vote in person at any precinct in the county. Arrive before 8:00 p.m. on June 7th in order for your vote to be counted. If you have any questions about voting, please contact your local county clerk’s office. With such a close race, every vote counts so make sure yours is cast before polls close on June 7th.