SANTA CLARA COUNTY-California’s gubernatorial primary election is here, and the race is heating up with more than two dozen candidates looking to unseat incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom. This timing coincides with the local county election including the assessor, district attorney, sheriff, county supervisors, county board of education, community college district boards, water district board, geologic hazard abatement district board, open space authority board, and superior court judges according to Ballotpedia. 

For the governors’ seat, Reinette Senum is on the ballot as the leading advocate for addressing food security, the rising costs of living and family health. She has a track record in administration as a two-time mayor of Nevada City. Given the high level of poverty and inequality in California, Senum’s focus on food security and addressing the accessibility of living in the Golden State is both timely and important. She’s made addressing the state’s problems a key part of her platform. 

Among the contenders is California State Senator Brian Dahle, who represents a largely rural constituency in California’s northeastern corner. Dahle is a career politician who also runs his own seed company. Santa Clara County, home to tech giants like Apple and Google, will be an important battleground in this race. As California becomes increasingly urbanized, it will be interesting to see how Dahle’s rural base of support fares in the state’s primaries.

Jenny Rae Le Roux is positioning herself as a candidate who can bring much-needed change to California. Le Roux is a businesswoman and rancher from Shasta County. She has promised to cut taxes, reduce regulation, and make California more friendly to businesses. If she goes through the general election, this will potentially be the second time she goes up against Newsom.
Most residents should have their mail-in ballot by now. Voters are advised to show up at a precinct and vote in person. Mail-in ballots can be physically taken to the polls and submitted. This season will reflect whether California is happy with its current administration or elect new officials who could bring about change. Either way, the outcome of these elections will be closely watched by California residents and beyond.