Reinette Senum for CA Governor

Reinette Senum for California Governor

Reinette Senum for CA Governor


Elect Reinette for California Governor 2022


Let’s work together to build a California that our children, and the children of our children, will thrive in for decades to come.

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Reinette Senum Campaign PolicyWhere I Stand

California’s primary election is June 7th and we have a historic opportunity to do something that has never been done before. We can elect a Governor outside of the two-party system, and in doing so we will change the trajectory of California forever.

What I have witnessed on the campaign trail has shown me that we are ready for this shift.  Californians are done with the lawlessness, and corruption.  Our state wants to unify over the issues that matter most including homelessness, crime, education, housing, constitutional rights, and healing our land.

People from ALL sides of the political spectrum resonate with this campaign! Republicans, Democrats, Green Party Members, Libertarians…it doesn’t matter. Californians are ready to take back their power and elect someone who will serve the people over a party.

Here is where I stand on the most important issues facing California today. Click the + icon next to each title to read more.

California locks up a higher percentage of its population than almost any other democracy on earth. As of 2020, about 46% of California offenders are convicted of another crime within three years, and even more are rearrested. I advocate for incarcerated offenders to participate in programs that build character and develop practical skills so they may successfully integrate into their communities upon release. Interim housing upon release is also paramount to lowering recidivism rates. The state needs real accountability, as communities should not bear the brunt of releasing violent offenders, closing prisons, expunging criminal records, or unimpeded shoplifting. These faulty practices must stop.

In addition, it’s time to stop the pipeline to prison. It’s time we support families, and rebuild the frayed fabric of communities so children have the best chance to avoid a life of crime to begin with. 

We need to start calling California’s homeless crisis what it truly is: a humanitarian crisis. When elected, I will immediately declare a state of emergency. Accordingly, I will:

  • Deploy a rapid triage on the streets of those who are at most risk to themselves, their neighbors, and surrounding business owners.
  • Streamline/fast track building permits to retrofit existing buildings into mental/drug addiction facilities, homeless shelters, and transitional housing.
  • Ensure current homeless shelters are meeting California standards.
  • Deploy task forces within individual communities for quick, actionable solutions.
  • Model after successful programs; COTS in Petaluma, and  Haven for Hope in San Antonio, TX,

On top of providing shelter, we must also help break the cycle that traps people. Those suffering from mental health issues, drug addiction, or alcoholism need proper treatment and those who have lost a sense of purpose need support, training, and housing to reclaim a fulfilling position in society. Homelessness is a very nuanced problem and must be met with a multi-tiered approach.

Investing in our children is an investment in our future. We must:

  • Guarantee in-person learning
  • Provide real school choice
  • Reduce student-teacher ratios
  • Guarantee parental involvement in curriculum development
  • Increase vocational and farming programs
  • Increase physical and outdoor education
  • Reduce bloated administration budgets
  • Reduce screen-time
  • Place a hold on standardized testing so students may recover from the systematic setbacks of the last two years
  • End all student data mining across all grades K-12

The time has come for California’s education system to refocus on developing better humans.

As with all health matters, prevention beats treatment. Unfortunately, more money is made via fire suppression as opposed to prevention. Millions of dollars are thrown at California forest management, yet there is a noticeable lack of necessary funding for restorative programs. It is time for an audit to ensure funds go where they are intended: routine brush clearing, tree thinning, and grazing. We will expand the use of Indigenous cultural burning and engage more land stewardship within the California Conservation Corps while modeling California’s forest management after successful programs such as New Mexico’s Rio Grande Water Fund. In addition, we will expand outreach to educate the public on the benefits of rebuilding topsoil so as to reduce catastrophic fires around homes, buildings, and infrastructure.

The government’s business ends at our skin. The government should never restrict, coerce, or mandate a medical intervention or treatment. Californians have the right to be informed of all treatment options – along with the respective risks and benefits – and whatever decision they make for themselves or their children must be honored and respected. The patient and doctor/medical practitioner relationship is sacred and must be respected.

Californians must be able to afford to live in California. The ever-increasing cost of living has more Californians living in poverty than any other state. We must:

  • Shore up California’s finances: Conduct rigorous and certified financial and operational audits on the State of California.
  • Rebuild the local and regional businesses.
  • Reduce California’s income and corporate taxes.
  • Reduce land-use regulations to allow for more affordable housing.
  • Eliminate the gas tax.
  • Expand California’s Infrastructure Bank to include providing low-interest loans to mom and pop businesses, Main Street businesses, and small to large scale manufacturing.
  • End AB5 (which has harmed independent contractors and set off a supply chain disaster and subsequent rise in the cost of goods)

Politicians should never determine who works and who does not.

Our health and future are indistinguishable from the health and future of the environment. As such, to ensure a healthy future for all, we must:

  • Rebuild our topsoil and pollinator populations.
  • Keep family farmers on their land so they may steward it properly.
  • Ban toxic chemicals from agricultural and consumer use.
  • Incentivize regenerative farming practices.
  • Prioritize watershed and forest restoration.
  • Reduce plastic waste.
  • Implement an intelligent, fair, and transparent water management.
  • Encourage and expand Indigenous land stewardship.
  • Embrace feed-in tariffs for renewable energy generation.

For many years, California businesses have been overtaxed and overregulated. For the last two years, the government has severely restricted California’s businesses while conveniently ignoring the countless consequences of these restrictions. We must turn this around. We need to reduce business taxes, business fees, and red tape. We also need to expand California’s Infrastructure Bank, which will both repair our state’s failing infrastructure and provide in-state low interest loans (rather than borrowing from Big Banks), thus allowing us to revitalize the Main Street small businesses and manufacturers that made our state great to begin with. By utilizing the IBank, we will maintain low interest rates for businesses while keeping our money in California, thereby ensuring a much needed reboot for our state’s economy.

All elected officials should be audited regularly by their constituents. This individual accountability can be assessed through an annual survey, known as the Wellness (Happiness) Index, whereby all Californians provide a real-time measurement of the performance of elected officials and the overall wellness of their respective lives.

This section is currently under review and edit per my committee of Law Enforcement advisors. Please stay tuned.

The cannabis industry has been a substantial part of the California economy. It has grown through the concerted efforts of citizens and community-based businesses. Now, many of those same growers and sellers are unable to participate in the industry because of cost-prohibitive and punitive bureaucratic controls. We must streamline the process for legally opening new cannabis businesses and reduce unfounded taxation so that more Californians have the opportunity to participate in the Green Renaissance.

The issue in California is not a lack of state funds, but rather the misuse of funds, compounded by a lack of transparency as to where tax dollars go. We need certified audits of state expenditures to prevent hard-earned dollars from being usurped from our businesses and citizens with little to no benefit for them. Once we clean up California’s accounting, it’ll be time for a wholesale reduction of taxes in the state, and that includes considering the pros and cons to ending the income tax.

Our farmers cannot feed the country while their land is starved for water. $3 billion are available from already approved bonds, yet these funds have not been used. Before taxpayers are asked to approve more borrowing, the highest priorities should be evaluated and existing funds invested accordingly. The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) is not living up to its name or intention. Meanwhile, dam water is being dumped into the ocean. We must focus on:

  • Safe water recycling and conservation.
  • Equitable water use.
  • Real-time flow standards for the Delta and major rivers.
  • Smart methods for treating irrigation runoff and wastewater.
  • Replenishing aquifers per CA law.
  • Utilization of inland sources of brine.
  • Watershed protection.
  • Water-neutral development.
  • Rebuilding our topsoil.

Diversity is the richest of California’s resources and I believe in protecting and allowing the expression and celebration of both race and religion. This melting pot that we are lucky to call home welcomes people from all walks of life and as governor, I will protect California’s diverse nature. I will always work towards making our state more equitable and will fight to make sure your race and religion are respected.



I, Reinette Senum, am running for Governor as an independent, common-sense candidate focused on core values and ethics, but in order to turn California around we are going to need an unprecedented effort by all of us working together.

Elect Reinette for California Governor 2022 - Wake the Bear

“First and foremost, I am a truth-teller; even when the truths are difficult. Right now we have some monumental tasks before us due to the massive failures of our California leadership. I will always lead with integrity and do what is right, even when it’s unpopular.”Reinette Senum For California Governor 2022


My Contract with Californians (CWC) is a living document that embodies and celebrates the inherent value of always making decisions with an eye on the next seven generations and with an ear to our elders and the last seven generations.


I am a fourth-generation Californian, born in San Francisco and adopted and raised by my parents in the Sierra foothills. I spent my early years exploring the world, cultivating meaningful relationships, and gathering skills that prepared me for the adventure of a lifetime. In 1994, I crossed Alaska, alone. It would be during this isolated winter solo trek, which I filmed for National Geographic, that I would come to understand, of all things, the power of community. Ultimately, lessons learned along the trail would become the catalyst for my community work later in life.

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In this interview with Dr. Naomi Wolf, Ms. Senum describes her background in community development, energy conservation, and creating practical solutions to empower the cultural shift in California. Her focus is on answers, not on political parties.


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